What We Do

  • We facilitate fire and life safety by conducting on-site inspections of buildings and properties to bring them into conformance with the mandatory provisions of the National Fire Code.

  • We provide consulting services for the application and enforcement of the National Fire Code in municipalities.

  • We provide consulting services for Fire Code interpretation and application upon request.

Did You Know....

- The Fire Safety Act mandates that municipalities and fire chiefs are required to enforce the National Fire Code on existing buildings and facilities within their jurisdictions, particularly for known or suspected unsafe buildings.

- The Fire Safety Act mandates that building owners are responsible to ensure their buildings continually meet the provisions ofthe National Fire Code.

- The National Building Code covers the fire safety and protection features that are required to be incorporated in a building at the time of its original construction.

- The National Fire Code includes provisions for the ongoing maintenance and use of buildings and the fire safety and fire protection features incorporated in them.